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He has helped them relocate to the Los Angeles area and enter the music industry.an unusual style in hip hop, where the artist more commonly refers to the sale of such substances.Deciding that he wanted more out of life, Avalon decided to move back to Los Angeles and make a final attempt to clean up his act.It was shortly after this return to Southern California that Avalon met Simon Rex and began to gain recognition for his music."It's in the K" - Martha Stewart Since the show list is very minimal... August 29 // Chemical Brothers w/ Chromeo & Yacht @ Hollywood Bowl September 26 // Vampire Weekend w/ Beach House & the Very Best @ Hollywood Bowl October 5 // ARCADE FIRE @ Henry Miller Library October 13 // Corin Tucker Band @ The El Rey (someone should give me Sufjan Stevens tickets, aint got none of those) MTV's Simon Rex..MC Dirt Nasty..Paris Hilton's ex-boyfriend..I was on CW's "Felicity", "Baywatch", and starred in "Scary Movie 3 and 4"... Not too many people can say they worked for Disney then started rapping about doing cocaine... I LOVE the Happy Mondays but their show was abysmal. Treasure Island Music Festival - October 19 - San Francisco, CA. MA: The same things that get me in trouble are the things that make my lyrics. FM: It seems like you have been maturing a lot as a person. I kind of like that I make my living doing something else so that I can paint for myself. FM: You’ll be in town soon, so what’s your perception of Harvard? FM: You have listed some of your favorite artists as The Rolling Stones and Dolly Parton, but do you have any favorite Top 40 songs that are your guilty pleasures? FM: Do you have a tattoo that’s especially meaningful? I have a flying saucer on my wrist that my dad had on his neck. Are there any other women in your life at the moment?

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I think people are pretty fucked everywhere in the world, so it’s best to find a place where the weather is good and where your family is. When I got on stage, I was on autopilot for the most part. People have said that they like my laugh, and if they go too long without hearing it, something is not right. FM: Does your stage persona differ from who you are in real life? A large, athletic boy bolts across the stage and tries to tackle the singer before he’s dragged off. They are perched on top of a booth, surveying the scene before them.“That dude used to be a homosexual prostitute,” one of them finally shouts over the loud music.“For reals? The first kid just shrugs, and they continue watching.Raising the microphone to a face adorned with glittery, half-smeared makeup, the singer surveys the scene before him. Backstage after the show, Mickey Avalon strolls into the crowded dressing room like a middleweight champ in mascara and eyeliner.It was like reaching in a drawer where you can see everything that’s in the drawer, but you can’t grab it for whatever reason .... I just do the words and the vocals, which forces me to work with other people .... So how I am in real life may be different than how I am on stage, which is very high energy and concentrated. I am obviously not anti-having-a-good-time, but you should still be able to perform and do your job well. FM: Where do you think you derive the intensity of your lyrics from? Maybe the maturity comes in with the team that’s behind me.