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There are still persistent differences between better and worse natural conditions as well as economic and social differences with a possible impact on the level of gross agricultural production in different regions of Slovakia.

The aim of this paper is to quantify the dependence of agricultural production from the subsidies granted in the context of regions under the NUTS III classification.

A policy to support farming incomes in the European Union is called the Common Agricultural Policy.

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As an alternative, an approach which is critical of the knowledge of things and takes into account the role of real material factors is proposed. (2016) Introduction: Change and Controversy of the European Union’s Common Agricultural Policy.For the calculation, we used Pearson correlation coefficient that determines the direction and rate of statistical dependence force of two numeric variables.The analysis confirmed our assumption, the result of which is that between amount of gross agricultural production and the volume of subsidies granted is a strong correlation. Alberta Sbragia (2006b) ‘The United States and the European Union: Comparing two Sui Generis Systems’, in Martin A. (2006) ‘Differentiated Integration: What is it and How Much Can the EU Accommodate?