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or I was really falling for that gorgeous gal on Facebook, but she turned out to be a catfish.

So, he finally gives in and lets his eccentric aunt, Dolly Monroe, a matchmaker, find him a date. But he needs a respectable date to his brother’s engagement party. What was the going rate for these intangible things?

Margie focusing on the feelings that she experiences on the dates has blinded her to what she feels afterwards.

It is a rollercoaster and she harbours a fantasy that one day he’s going to come to her and say, I have a number of friends who run their own pop-up shops.

Singles are in a great position to meet someone who ticks a lot of their boxes and is as good in real life as they are on paper...

READ MORE » PISCES LOVE LIFE ADVICE – 2 eclipse this month are in your work/health and past karma zone – so you’re working on yourself this month more than your love life and relationships with others.

Romance professional dating professional romances