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I always wanted to be a well-rounded musician, with my voice as my primary instrument.” Hathaway’s first single, “Heaven Knows,” hit No. In 2004, she topped the Hot R&B chart with “Forever, For Always, For Love.” London Jazz News said of Hathaway, “Lalah live is a remarkable presence — musical, jazzy, soulful, serene, funny, and that voice …” She is revered by some of the greatest musicians of the last century, and myriad collaborations and international performances signpost her 25-year success.Filled with color, space and the evolution of music, Hathaway’s six studio albums chronicle an emotive journey through R&B, jazz and soul.Hathaway will perform at the University of Alabama at Birmingham’s Alys Stephens Performing Arts Center at 7 p.m. “There was never a moment of ‘maybe I’ll be …’ “I never wanted to be known as just a singer. UAB students and faculty may purchase tickets; a limited number of tickets are available for each show.

His documentary film, “Play, Jankunú Play: The Garifuna Wanaragua Ritual in Belize” (2007) has been screened at scholarly conferences, universities, film festivals and cultural art affairs in Aukland, New Zealand; Salvador da Bahia, Brazil; Dangriga, Belize; Belgrade, Serbia; Honolulu, Hawaii; the Bronx, NY; Rutgers, NJ; and Atlanta, GA.

The songs on this collection defy the current soul and R&B charts, being more texturally defined and organic than some of the current bling-based hits du jour.

A nice mix of established soul veterans such as Rosie Gaines and Me'Shell NdegéOcello temper the relative amount of newcomers on the disc, but all the artists share in the common threads of jazz, blues, hip-hop, and even gospel to craft their respective tunes.

The company then switched to representing artist in U. ANTHONY DAVID (Artist/ Singer) Shortly after getting settled, he struck up a friendship with India.

Arie and penned a song for her debut, 2001′s Acoustic Soul. After he warmed to the idea of being a performer — rather than just a songwriter — in his own right, he hooked up with the local Brash label, which released 3 Chords & the Truth (2004) and The Red Clay Chronicles (2006). K.) Through Arie’s Universal-distributed Soulbird, Acey Duecy was put together for a 2008 release; it combined tracks from the two independent releases for greater exposure and reached number 30 on Billboard’s Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart.