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A Loving Couple Share their Story I never had bad luck with dates or flings, especially with the kinds of men who look good on paper. This website intends to aggregate and make sense of the nature of TO men and the diversity within that umbrella term, in the hope that it can lead to a greater understanding and acceptance of TO men and that it can provide support and education to TO men, their partners, their families and friends.

While attractions are complex and diversity amongst people and what attracts them could require a library of categories to account for all people, TO men represent a significant and increasingly self-aware segment of society.

The Origin of Trans-attracted After founding this website I became aware that some, particularly in the black trans community in the US had been using the term trans-attracted to describe those with an attraction for trans women.

I like this term, it’s simple and self explanatory, certainly preferential to term like trans-fan, tranny-chaser and so on.

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Various terms have been used to categorize TO men, including trans-attracted as well as derogatory terms like tranny-chasers, tranny-admirers and transfans. While this site mainly focuses on transoriented (TO) men who prefer trans women (TW), the term transoriented could be used to refer to trans women, trans men or cis women who are predominantly attracted to a trans man or trans woman. Yet my To be transoriented means that a person has preferential or stronger attraction, in regards to emotional, romantic and sexual feelings towards transgendered people.Hours of downloadable Manila based porn videos and access to seven sites - all for .95 a month.These beautiful Filipina teens know how to please a cock.