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I would like to have a woman who can caring me and I can caring her who is honestly and the one is cute who can be attractive and how to live with a man i need the one accept me in any way and who will make me happy My name is Leona, coming from a beautiful city of China---Guangzhou city, I am a special Chinese lady whom has my own characters with a sincere gentle heart, I often stand in other’s shoes and try my best to understand I'm a well known sound guy in gz. But i think i do more of Modern wear Am looking For a man who knows what he wants with his life, One who is true to himself. I am pretty, my face and figure much younger than my age, many people though I was 35–40 years old Looking for a mature kind man with patient, Am Pure African I Dress according to occasions.As you know that statistics have showed that Asian women are the best women on the world by their unique traits as being a model role of housewife, housekeeper, and so on. To contact any single Asian woman, just view her personal profile and send a message.SEE ALSO Beijing business hotels | Shanghai business hotels | Shanghai shopping | Shenzhen business hotels | Sanya fun guide | Hong Kong business hotels | Hong Kong shopping | Chengdu guide | Xian fun guide Sofitel Guangzhou Sunrich JUMP TO Getting around Guangzhou | Nightlife, shopping and culture | Pazhou Expo, Pearl River | Tianhe Financial District | Yue Xiu, Shamian Island | Baiyun and airport hotels | Hotel Contacts GUANGZHOU can paint a grim picture at times - cabbies sealed into knife-proof plastic cubicles behind a solid wall of iron bars, drivers with scant knowledge of local hotels and roads, caged apartment windows...In these reports, the region has become an important consideration for Chinese people to pick their spouses. The most popular men are from Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou.The people from northeast China like to follow their moms’ dating advice. Henan women are generally “afraid of their husbands”.On my class at university we only have four students, including two Korean guys and one girl from Indonesia.

My friends are mostly male, coming from Australia, Albania, Japan and so on.

Looks dont really get me as much as I am very easy going person, understanding and respectful, i like to laugh and be happy, i like the natural little things in life, like taking a walk in the park listen to the sound of birds, watching the sunset andi am a person of 54 years old. doing business of cosmetics at Guangzhou for the past five years.

my hobbies are cycling, swimming, car driving, travel all the world.

where the author writes: As I embark on a second year here in China, I often take a look around me and wonder why I as a Western woman am so underrepresented here.– Other foreign female teachers I have worked with have also left and returned to their home countries, usually due to unhappiness, loneliness and lack of fulfillment here.

Meanwhile, many of my male counterparts have seemingly lived happily here for several years.