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Hell, he even finds himself at odds again with Branch, although he doesn’t know it yet; his daughter is dating his rival, and from the brief glimpse we get of their relationship, it’s probably serious.For a stretch down the middle, I wasn’t sure if I liked this episode quite as much as I liked the last one.Rachel's season of The Bachelorette came to a close earlier this week in an infuriating three-hour finale.Join us as we discuss the heartbreak and frustration of that conclusion, and hear ALL ABOUT the exciting new programs debuting THIS FALL on ABC!!!!!!!!!Second episodes of new shows often find themselves trapped into repeating what happened in the pilot.Which makes sense, really; as TV writers, you can’t be sure everyone caught the premiere, and you also don’t know exactly what kind of stories your world is best suited for.The Bachelor is too dangerous a television series to try to watch alone.That's where Rose Buddies comes in: Media experts Rachel and Griffin Mc Elroy — get this!

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But he’s going to — if the late Hannah has anything to say about it.

Shortly after Hannah’s strung-out ex Justin (Brandon Flynn) accuses a confused Clay of being “not so innocent,” Clay receives a package in the mail from Hannah herself.

Inside the package are tapes — tapes that tell the story of Hannah’s life, or, more importantly, why she felt it had to end.

MTV is giving viewers the chance to conquer their fears head on with a refresh of the break-through series "Fear Factor." Ludacris will host the new installment, custom-created for a generation that is increasingly empowered, while also more anxious than ever.

Filled with new stunts inspired by urban legends, popular scary movies and viral videos from today’s cultural zeitgeist, “Fear Factor” contestants will confront their fears, be pushed beyond their comfort zones and take action against some of their biggest stressors.