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Whether you’re looking for a date or a mate, or just want to “get flocked,” dating expert Lauren Frances, Ph.

Double D shares her up-to-date relationship research in this comprehensive guide to modern romance.

Understanding bird courtship behavior can help us attract and keep a receptive mate.

Lauren Frances is the author of ‘Dating, Mating and Manhandling-the ornithological guide to men’ (Harmony Books) a relationship columnist for Flaunt Magazine and the founder of the Institute for Romantic Research.

Frances has been a love coach to countless women and men intent on improving the quality of their love lives and has been featured on “Extra,” VHI, Bravo, NBC, and talk radio as a leading expert in her field.

Her new book ‘Dating, Mating and Manhandling-the ornithological guide to men’ is a comprehensive dating guide geared to the “Sex and the City” generation.

It was a fun read and I think that she has a lot of good points about girls learning to be confident enough to go out there and flirt wih boys.

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She recently partnered with Victoria’s Secret, and as their Very Sexy Love Coach, Frances did personal appearances at flagship Victoria’s Secret Beauty stores across the country to celebrate the launch of Dating, Mating and Manhandling and their Very Sexy™ makeup, line.

• Manhandling Tips and Romantic Rules: Nip bad behavior in the bud by learning effective boundary-setting techniques.

• “Magic words” guaranteed to soothe your savage beast.

More for people looking to have fun, not a real relationship (which was what I was looking for back in 2008).

This is a funny book about dating from a girl's perspective. How else are you going to meet true love if you don't make yourself available?

Dating guide man manhandling mating ornithological