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The first time he fucked her, I was a little unsure about the whole thing but she let me know it was OK.

So, after that, I just sit back and enjoyed the show.

We had some unspoken but very clear chemistry with our flirting, but he knew I was married.

What he didn't know is that I was "married and looking." My husband and I have an amazing relationship and I couldn't dream of spending my lifetime with anyone else.

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Candy will pretty much do whatever he wants but he downside is that she's so fucking sore the next day that she's pretty much out of commission.

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It seems that in his culture, Nigerian men just flat own their women, especially white women and from the minute he walks in the door, it's fucking game on.

My wife and I have an understanding and an agreement ... She's the Dominant one in our relationship and I'm the cuckold ... My Journal grew out of our lifestyle and grew out of my wife's wish to make our unusual arrangement even more public than it's been before. He was one of the first guys that Candy was even semi serious with and he has a whole lot to do with where we're at today.

She prefers Black Cock and she fucks whoever she wants whenever she wants and I accept it. We're open about our lifestyle and it's one of the reasons we publish this Online Documentary about it.

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