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" 4.9: "The Answer" 4.8: "El Puffiachi" 4.7: "I'm still here" 4.6: "Planet of the Users" 4.5: "Games" 4.4: "Trial of the BSD Knights" 4.3: "Home to Hypocrisy" 4.2: "100001 1010101" 4.1: "Puffy Baba and the 40 Vendors" 4.0: "Humppa Negala" and "Open VOX" 3.9: "Blob! We've had less success promoting things up through standards bodies and other projects. 21st century AD), a moral dimension is attached to the idea of stagnation and advancement. Complex code in the tree For simple code that was free? Did you walk out On a lead role in the war For a part as a boy scout?

Every 6 months the Open BSD project has the pleasure to release our software with artwork and a matching song. As the author of a number of the Open BSD songs, I'll admit that sometimes it's a bit of a chore.Theo and some other developers mutate a theme (from a classical setting, a movie, or some genre) into the fishy world of Puffy, to describe some advance, event or controversy the project went through over the previous six months. Theo bugs me to help him out, often with a theme, and eventually I relent and devote an evening to it.To match the art released with the historical CD sets, we joined up with some musicians we know to make at least one song. One of the things that we're passionate about is making changes to the software ecosystem that make things safer for all of us - not just Open BSD.Many of its security features are optional or absent in other operating systems.Its developers frequently audit the source tree for software bugs and security holes.