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Your ad will also show for singular and plural forms as well as other variations. no long nights considering all variations of search terms that could trigger your ad……facto more time preening oneself for eventual conversion. By entering your keywords in quotation marks, such as .

With this you will gain many impressions and many a curious fellow relying to your ad but not necessarily Mr. Phrase Match Phrase match is for the lady looking for a particular man but is open to variations or suggestion….. Phrase match is more targeted than broad match, but has the flexibility for slight variation that exact match does not.

” Some keywords you might use include as tags are: dating, online dating, online dating profile, get a date, get noticed online. Less is usually more, and the keyword realm is no different.

See how those actually relate to the article we’re talking about? Your job of course is to find the ones that best reflect your article AND get the most search traffic, but more on that coming up. Be honest about what your article is about and you’ll be much more likely to get noticed in search engines.

The codes tells the search engines what the title of your website is, the topic it covers, the title of every page, as well as when the images and content on the site are all about.Previously we talked about keywords, specifically What Are Keywords And Why Do They Matter? Today we’re talking about how to choose the best tags and keywords for your articles and why this matters. Simply put, the keywords that you enter at the bottom of your article or blog post in Word Press are called tags.Do you know what the “best” keywords and tags are and how do use them to get seen in search engines (Google, Bing,, etc)? So for the purpose of this article we’re going to use them interchangeably.The tags for an article are the few words that best describe what your article (or blog post) is about.Ideally there are 5-10 keywords that specifically tie into your post.